Monday, April 7, 2008

Our Deepest Sympathy.

I remembered when i first picked up the newspaper on March 28th, where i read the shocking headlines of a sole survivor, baby Jolene. This mircaculous baby who was flunged more than 10m, survived after a horrific crash along Malaysia's North-South Highway. Both her parents, grandmother and brother died in the crash. The extend of this crash and the survivor of baby Jolene was just heart-wrenching. A few days later, i received an sms from our Magnum MaMa, Justina Long (She and her friends were the first committee of Magnum back in 1988),expressing her sadness of the death of our senior Jane Kor. Needless to say, i had no idea, our Senior Jane was the mother of Baby Jolene, who died tragically in this crash.

Magnum Mama Jane Kor's Tragedy


Senior Jane Kor, played a part in forming the Magnum Force we are all now so deeply part of. She formed the 3rd committee of Magnum and graduated from the squad in 1992Her committment and involvment, during her time in Magnum has allowed this cheerleading team to continue its passion. She was a top flyer, where her senior Justina Long, described how tall and proud she stood at the top of a pyramid.

As her Juniors and part of Magnum Force, the team sents her family our Deepest Condolences and Sympathy. We hope for nothing but the best for Baby Jolene.

Please continue reading for pictures of our Senior, Jane Kor's cheerleading days.

With Deepest Sympathy,
Magnum Force